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Bosch PVA-4CR12 Controller

Bosch PVA-4CR12 Controller

The PVA-4CR12 controller is the central paging
manager for the PAVIRO system. Eight local audio
inputs can be switched to four audio outputs. A two
channel message manager is integrated. The
controller provides all the audio processing,
supervision and control functions for a complete
PAVIRO system. A single controller supports up to 100
priorities, 16 call stations and 492 paging zones; up to
8000 fault, warning and event conditions can be
logged. The controller is equipped with 12 zones, 18
GPIs and 19 GPOs. One controller can handle up to
2000 W loudspeaker load. Additional zones and power
can be added by using up to 20 external routers and
40 amplifiers with each 2 x 500 W. The zone indicator
lights on the front indicate the current status of every
• Green: Zone in use for non-emergency purpose
• Red: Zone in use for emergency purpose
• Yellow: Zone fault detected
• Off: Zone in idle condition

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Bosch PVA-4CR12 Controller

  • Public address and emergency sound system control unit
  • Control and routing of 4 simultaneous audio channels
  • One controller supports 12 zones, expandable up-to 492 zones with 24-zone routers
  • Four controllers can be networked using OMNEO interface module
  • EN 54-16 system certification



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