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Data video JS-1300 6 channel HD Portable Video streaming studio

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Complete end-to-end workflow solutions for broadcast and A/V applications Datavideo is the best solution equipment provider for live video production, pro AV , lecture capture and other applications.

For the past 35 years, Datavideo has grown rapidly to become one of the world's leading innovators of professional live video technology.
Datavideo is known for affordable end-to-end workflow solutions for broadcast and A/V applications which include up to 150 products such as cameras, switchers, encoders, recorders, intercoms, converters, and other key products needed for live video production.

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We are also inspired by several decades of industrial experience, and we believe that technological and vocational education is essential to have sustainable development for the industry. Thus, Datavideo Academy was established. Datavideo Academy is a comprehensive learning platform, which includes education, online communication, and learning management. Through the online education courses provided by Datavideo Academy, we're hoping to promote radio and television education to high schools and universities, as well as enlighten the Datavideo product user to have a new video production experience.

Data-Video in Pakistan
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